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Rooms for rent minutes away from the center of town!

So… what’s happening? We are leaving our house for 1 year and we would love 2 amazing people to join our sister living in the house while we’re gone. To make it a win-win-win situation, we’ve analyzed what to offer to make it the best deal in town. Our names are Andres and Lauren, and we would love for you to stay at our house while we are gone, starting August 15th, 2024.

  • Location:
    It’s located in an amazing neighborhood called ‘Jacarandas y Gravileas’. It is right on the outskirts of town, near the entrance, but very close to the center of town. You’ll be around an 11-minute walk from Antigua’s Central Park.

  • Neighborhood:
    The neighborhood boasts beautiful parks and is large enough for walking and outdoor exercises. It’s surrounded by green mountains, and you can see the three volcanoes from several different places in the neighborhood. It has excellent security (a little too good sometimes), making it feel very safe to live here.
    Here are some pictures of the area:

  • House:
    The house has 3 bedrooms (2 available for rent), a large living room with a TV and 2 working desks, a studio with a working desk, a terrace with a view of Agua Volcano, a laundry room, a nicely sized garden with beautiful plants, and a kitchen with all the appliances needed to cook and store great meals. There are parking spots outside the house and in designated spaces around the neighborhood. No worries about parking, really.
    Here are some pictures of the house/rooms/areas:

  • Rooms:
    All the rooms have a walk-in closet, their own bathroom and shower with hot water, and a working desk. The house setup allows for each room to have enough privacy from the rest of the house.
    Here are some pictures of the rooms:
  • Room 1

  • Room 2

  • Deal:
    We understand that some people are traveling temporarily and will then move back to their country or to their next destination. Therefore, we know that buying or renting an apartment without linens, plates, or other essentials can be annoying. We want to give you most of the things you need in just one payment.
    The offer within these items:
    • Rent
    • Housekeeping
    • Energy
    • Internet
    • Water
    • Bed linens
    • Towels

The price for all of these is USD713.00. Seems high? Consider this: If you get a regular apartment, it probably won’t include housekeeping, internet, water, and energy, plus, the location will likely be further away and not walkable distance to town. Also, you would miss out on the amenities this house/neighborhood offers. It’s a great deal! Don’t miss it!
Check the map we shared above to see how close to things the neighborhood/house is.

  • Roommates:
    You will be sharing the house with 2 roommates. One of the roommates is our sister, Elvira; she speaks English and Spanish, so if you want to practice Spanish, consider that another service included in the rent. Also, she has a small rescued dog, Aurora (like the Northern Lights), so of course, dogs are welcome. Some pictures of her:

Interested? Please, share your information with us through this form and we will respond as soon as possible. Please, share as much information about your time in Guatemala as you can so we can have an idea about what you are looking for.

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